Our chapter has a large variety of activities for you and your children. Once you are a member, you will receive a monthly calendar of upcoming events. Please email our Membership VP at for information on attending an activity as a prospective member.

For an idea of our some sample activities, visit this link to see a sample calendar. To get specifics including a current calendar and locations you will need to contact us to attend as a prospective member. 

Monthly Meetings
Our monthly meetings are held on the first Friday of each month. At our meetings we discuss any club business, invite guest speakers to speak to the club about various topics of interests to our members, or we have a kids craft day. Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting to get information about our club. Email our Membership VP at for more information. Children are welcome to attend. 

Playgroups are formed based on your child's age. When a playgroup reaches eight members, a new group will be formed. Playgroups meet either once per week or once every other week, as determined by its members. Meetings are held at members' homes, parks, or any mutually agreed upon location. 

* For liability purposes, prospective members are not allowed to attend playgroups until they are active members in the club.

Book Club 
This club meets once per month to discuss a pre-selected book from the New York Times Bestseller list. Members take turns hosting the club and providing snacks. 

This is our club support group. When any mom in our chapter needs support from having an illness, a new baby, a sick spouse, or a death in the family, the members of this group jump in to ease the burden by providing meals for the family.

Kids Craft Day 
This activity group allows the children the opportunity to experience the arts and crafts. All ages are welcome to attend, and for those younger children, some of the more difficult tasks will be completed for them in advance. There may be a nominal charge ($1-2) per child to participate in this activity in order to cover the cost of supplies. 

MOMS Night Out 
This activity group is lots of fun and provides an opportunity for moms to get out with other mothers for an evening of fun around town. Children are encouraged to remain at home with dad or a sitter but are welcome to attend if need be. 

Community Service Projects 
As a non-profit organization we like to participate in our community through various service projects such as SafePlace and Rainbow Room through donations.

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